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Where initiatives of young leaders kickstart to shape the local community for a better future
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In 2015, Belarus became part of the Global Shapers international family.
Since then, we twice represented our country in Davos, and kickstarted
10+ local and regional initiatives.
You said Global Shapers?
Global Shapers Community was founded in 2011 by the Chairman of the Wold Economic Forum to empower young people to play an active role in shaping local, regional and global agendas.

Today, it unites 8000+ young leaders from 157 countries, making impact and driving change in multiple spheres, from environmental protection to resolving potitical disputes.
Our mission
As part of the World Economic Forum global family,
we deliver on its mission of building the better society
Create opportunity
Help in creating educational, economical, technological opportunities for people of any backgrounds and social groups
Engage every layers
Bring together people and organizations from different domains to collectively work on solving the challenges.
Accelerate change
Revitalize and promote youth initiatives aimed at bringing positive changes to all spheres of live in Belarus
Our projects
In the last several years, our team has successfully launched and executed a number of local and international projects and initiatives, including the first Erasmus+ youth training and the first un-conference for school teachers in Belarus.
Our partners
They support Minsk Hub and help our projects go live
Want to support us or become a partner?
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Are you a young leader aged between 18 and 30 having a strong expertise in one or several domains, that share our vision and want to drive positive change in Belarus?

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Our team
Minsk Hub unites young leaders of different spheres and professional domians, including Technology, Business, Education, Human Rights, Political Science, etc.
The unique set of competences and visions enable our team to take on the most challenging projects

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